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Buh Bye 2012

Hello 2013! I can definitely say that my 2012 has been an exciting year.  I’ve moved my family and business to Florida and I absolutely love it here!  2012 has also taught me a lot of lessons, I’ve done a lot of growing and can say at the end of 2012 I’m even stronger than […]

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The results are in!

Both ladies did very well and the contest ran so CLOSE! It was so much fun to see the enthusiasm these girls had! I am proud to announce that the model for 2013 is *drumroll*             Heather Ratzlaff!!           Heather, we’ll be setting up a coffee […]

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2013 Model Search Contest!

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Down to the Semi-Finalists…

Wow! We had an amazing response to our contest! I will say it was SO hard narrowing it down to just THREE semi-finalists.  There were lots of touching stories on why you girls want to be the next face of Cass Martinez Photography!  We have narrowed it down to 3 gals…They are Rita Fortner, Susan […]

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Do YOU want to be the face of Cass Martinez Photography?

  Alright ladies now is your chance… and before you get all shy and bashful, just note that you don’t have to be a size two to rock the boudoir world. In my world everyone is sexy and gorgeous, so take a deep breath and give it a shot(even if you’re not chosen you’ll get […]

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5 year wedding anniversary!

Saturday was our 5 year wedding Anniversary.  It has been 5 amazing years and I can honestly say some of the best years of my life.  My husband provides the love and support that I need and is such a great dad to the boys.  For our Anniversary he brought me a bouquet of a […]

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My heart-

I recently signed up as a volunteer for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep for the Jacksonville, Fl area. You can read more about the service they provide on their site and Donate there as well (hint hint).  I’ve had so many people contact me telling me how proud they are […]

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Fabric, thread, and tea-Oh my!

I was inspired by a fellow photographer that I adore to create a dress of sorts. Tulle, Chiffon, a corset and Flowers! I tea stained the corset because I did not like the bright white look, the dress would have looked like a wedding gown which was NOT the look I was going for. I […]

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Why I do what I do

I figured I should start this blog off with telling you WHY I am a photographer.  Here’s my journey in a nutshell. I’ve had a love for photography ever since my Aunt Barbara bought me a Polalroid camera when I was a teenager. I absolutely LOVED that camera!  I took pictures of myself, my family […]

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