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5 year wedding anniversary!

Saturday was our 5 year wedding Anniversary.  It has been 5 amazing years and I can honestly say some of the best years of my life.  My husband provides the love and support that I need and is such a great dad to the boys.  For our Anniversary he brought me a bouquet of a dozen roses and a dozen lilies, so beautiful!  My Lilies fully opened today and it took my breath away (Lilies are my favorite!).  I can’t wait to share the rest of my life with this man. To you ladies who haven’t found yours yet, just wait.  He’ll come when you least expect it.  I know mine did!  For those of you that have, remember to tell him how much he means to you!


Don’t mind the dishes in the sink. 😉

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My heart-

I recently signed up as a volunteer for an organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep for the Jacksonville, Fl area. You can read more about the service they provide on their site and Donate there as well (hint hint).  I’ve had so many people contact me telling me how proud they are of me and what a big heart I have.  I do.  I don’t know WHY but I have a huge heart for people. I love to help, I love to put a smile on someone’s face when they are down and I love to help a woman to see her beauty.  These days women are SO busy.  Working, taking care of the kids and the house, and finding time for their husband that they don’t take time for themselves.  Jeans and a t-shirt become the norm, if they’ve gotten a shower that day then that’s a “good day”.  I love to see these women, these are the ones that NEED me. They need to feel totally pampered, and be a super model even if just for a few hours. I help transform them into their glamorous self and then best of all am able to create a product that preserves that for a life time.  When those days get rushed and they don’t feel there is time for makeup the woman can look at the art on the wall that we created and feel inspired again.  My heart sings, and we go on to help another person.

Jill B. loves EVERYTHING Retro. Retro furniture, appliances, you name it! -We did an amazing Retro styled shoot for her, she now has art featuring HER in retro style art hanging in her home.


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Why I do what I do

I figured I should start this blog off with telling you WHY I am a photographer.  Here’s my journey in a nutshell.

I’ve had a love for photography ever since my Aunt Barbara bought me a Polalroid camera when I was a teenager. I absolutely LOVED that camera!  I took pictures of myself, my family and my friends. One of my favorite photos of myself from my teenage years is an old Polaroid.

Life kept going and I got married at a young age, had children then got divorced. During this time I did a lot of photography of my son, it was just him and I now and he was my world I also started learning Photoshop with the help of a friend.  I was working full time at a very demanding but rewarding job to support myself and my son. I eventually met the man of my dreams who also happens to be the best husband ever. Life was good!

After a couple of years of marriage I decided I wanted to have a photography business “on the side”. I wanted to photograph children and families. I got an awesome camera and started learning it and started researching everything I could about photography. During this research I kept being drawn to Boudoir Photography and I decided to message several of my local friends on Facebook and explained that I was wanting to try to do a Boudoir shoot but that I’d never done it before and would like a model. I got a response!!! One friend wanted to do a shoot and another friend volunteered to do hair and makeup for me. I rigged up some lighting, setup MY bedroom and got everything ready for the shoot. My friend arrived and while she was getting her hair and makeup done she told me she didn’t feel pretty anymore. She had gotten pregnant and married age a very young age and she felt like that stole her beauty from her. I won’t go into details but she had very low self esteem and it made me so sad. We started the session and I started capturing some beautiful images. I showed her one on the back of my camera, I could not believe how much she lit up!  She became confident and was just beaming.  From that point on I knew making women feel beautiful and showing them their true beauty was what I wanted to do.

I did these Boudoir sessions at night and on weekends and got pretty busy. I wanted to do this full time but couldn’t quite take the leap and leave my secure, full time job. My husband and I took a vacation to Jacksonville Fl the summer of 2011 and loved it, we knew one day we wanted to live there.  A year later we took the leap, quit the jobs we’d had for years and made the move.

I now photograph women full time. I shoot Beauty, Glamour and Boudoir photography and enjoy every single minute of it.


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